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Le Lorrain Guarantee and Recommendations

Duration of Guarantee

All le lorrain torches and pressure reducers are thoroughly checked before leaving the factory. Nevertheless, all torches and pressure reducers are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.


  • This guarantee does not cover premature wear or deterioration caused by negligence, faulty maintenance or incorrect storage.
  • The guarantee is not valid in the event of operator negligence or if a machine has been disassembled or changed in any way by an unauthorized person without LE LORRAIN's prior written agreement.
  • If a machine, reported to be defective, is returned to le lorrain and our workshops ascertain that the machine is functional, both the workshop costs and the return shipping costs shall be paid by the machine owner.
  • Under the terms of this guarantee, our responsibility is limited to the cost of repair / replacement of the machine or faulty components. 

Assembling the flexible hoses

  • Make sure the tubes are perfectly clean inside. Then connect them to the pressure reducer and torch connections. The blue tube is for oxygen, the red tube for acetylene and the orange tube for propane.
  • Attach the lug clips. It is recommended that the fuel gas and oxygen non-return valves be placed between the torch and the pressure reducers. 

Operating LE LORRAIN pressure reducers

  • Purge the cylinder by briefly opening the valves EXCEPT the fuel gas valve. 


  • Do not purge acetylene, propane or fuel gas pressure reducers.
  • Remove any traces of grease from the inlet connection.
  • Fit the pressure reducer to the cylinder valve by tightening the inlet connection nut (do not overtighten).
  • See below for starting up le lorrain torches. 

Operating Le Lorrain welding and cutting torches

  • Loosen the pressure regulator release screws.
  • Open the cylinder valves slowly.
  • Check that the low pressure gauges are set to "0".
  • Set the operating pressure by adjusting the pressure release screws as shown in the table below.
  • Open the torch oxygen valve (blue) slightly.
  • Open the fuel gas valve (red) completely.
  • Light the torch.

Welding: use the oxygen valve to regulate the jet.

Cutting: adjust with the two valves then open the cutting oxygen with either the trigger or the valve and reset using the two valves. When in service, slag, metal or other impurities may cause flashback in the mixer. In this case, close the oxygen and fuel gas valves. Make sure that no combustion is taking place before relighting the torch. Flexible welding heads should be annealed when they lose their suppleness.

Switching the machine off

  • Close the cylinder valves.
  • Close the torch valves after the gas has been emptied from the hoses.
  • Loosen the pressure regulator screws. 

IMPORTANT: Always wear welding goggles. Never exceed a consumption of more than 8001/h of acetylene per acetylene cylinder. Never use a lighter.