Solenoid solutions

We are increasingly turning to green technologies to protect the environment, and we are also reducing our carbon footprint by using electric cars with air-conditioning systems with CO2 as a cooling medium. Unlike synthetic gases, CO2 is extracted from the surrounding air and therefore has no additional impact on increasing our carbon footprint.

At the heart of the devices for service and diagnostics such air conditioning systems are the technologically innovative solenoid valve blocks developed by Pulko ventili Ruše (PVR).

  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • 98% recyclable
  • Opening and closing of valves according to the programming sequence


They are manufactured and tested in a fully digitalised production facility, so there is almost no chance of  malfunctions.
The design of the valve blocks also allows adaptation and modification for other applications such as mechanical engineering, laboratory and space equipment, aerospace and medical industry.


PVR's innovative development and manufacturing approach ensures a customer-centric focus, so we can also develop a product compatible with synthetic refrigerant gases (R1234fy) at the customer's request.


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