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PVR | From tradition into the future!

The company Pulko ventili Ruše d.o.o. has a long-lasting tradition in manufacturing of high pressure gas equipment. The beginning of the production reaches back in the early 1930's. Years long experiences, quality, safety and reliability of the products, and above all the satisfaction of our clients, are the main advantages of our company.

The company is the holder of ISO 9001:2008 certificate, and the products have TPED certificates. issued on the base of the Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35/EC;

The advantages of the company are:

  • Long-lasting experiences; 
  • Great references; 
  • Successful development of own products; 
  • Detailed knowledge of characteristics and particularities of gas technology; 
  • Constant improvements of the quality control; 
  • Good communication inside the company, as well with our customers and suppliers; 
  • Great flexibility; 
  • Short delivery times.

Production and equipment

Our production process is in constant development and modernization. We manufacture our products only on machines that can deliver the required accuracy and reliability.

Some of those machines are:

    CNC controlled with graphical programming, and all necessary equipment and tools for processing of valve bodies. It has the production capacity between 150 and 220 valve bodies per hour, depending on the complexity.
    CNC controlled with double spindle (production of two parts), with turning diameter up to 25 mm. Automatic rod feeder for two rods. Production capacity is up to 100 spindles per hour, depending on the complexity.
    Our own invention and production for 100% accurate valve testing. The assembled valves are put into place, pressurized to the required pressure and submerged in water, so there is no doubt regarding tightness. Every valve is tested before it leaves our facility. The following transportable gas equipment, for use at a maximal working pressure of 200 bar, is manufactured in our production: Valves for flammable and inflammable technical gasses; Valves for aggressive gases; Valves and other high pressure equipment for medical use; Valves for fire extinguishers; Pressure regulators. In a joint venture with our business partner we also manufacture high pressure compressors, which can be used for/by: Fire departments Diving centers Automotive industry Research Component testing and calibration

Quality control

Our production is certified and controlled according to the TPED standard, issued on the base of Transportable Gas Equipment Directive 2010/35/EC, which means: That we have the following control processes implemented: Entrance control, executed by the employed controller; Process control – self-control, executed by the workers at an individual working place, and controlled by the controller; Final control – self-control, executed by the workers at the assembly process, and controlled by the controller; To assure the traceability of the production documentation, from the entrance of raw material into the production process until the exit of the final product; That the employees are familiarized and consider all processes that are stated in the Quality regulations, and that they are controlled by the controller; That each product is a subject of 100% pressure control, due to the intended purpose of use.


All high pressure gas equipment that we manufacture was engineered in our company.The products are engineered in such a way to ensure 100% reliability and safety, which are the two most important aspects in this line of products. Sales and references We are present and selling on 21 different markets.The sale is performed inside EU, Middle East market, Balkan markets and in Slovenia;The export represents more than 85% of the entire production. The products we manufacture are certified for global sale.

Fields of use

Our products are used in / by: – Aviation - Ambulance vehicles - Rescue helicopters - Firefighters - Welding industry Aquaristics

Current projects

To ensure and maintain the ability of fast adaptation of the company and it’s products to ever-changing needs of the markets, and to maintain and improve the competitive position of the company we never rest on our past achievements, but we engage into developing of new products such as a line of products with 300 bar working pressure. As these products have to go through a certifying procedure in accordance to EU Directives and other guidelines, this engagement takes a good deal of time, and results are hardly to be seen until the whole process is completely concluded. At the same time we are discovering new markets that have their own standards and regulation to which we need to adapt our products accordingly.