about us

We are a company that is, through long-term and mutual cooperation in the supply and sales chain, one of the world's industry leaders in terms of technology and the quality of products and services.

About us

We have a tradition. The beginning of production dates back to the early thirties of the last century. We have knowledge, experience. We produce gas equipment from our own hot forging products. We are a highly innovative company. We follow the policy of constant improvements of production technologies, existing products, development of new products. The basic principle of the company is to adapt to market requirements, specific customer requirements, global guidelines, all of which are upgraded with product certification in accordance with applicable standards.

An extremely important activity of our company is customer support in the development of unique products, which includes conceptual design, construction and production of a prototype, and assistance with certification. We provide short delivery times, which is due to the appropriate size and proper organization of the company. We focus on each customer individually. In order to ensure maximum satisfaction, we constantly analyze the needs and expectations and the achieved results.







Future oriented

The company's mission is to ensure safe and economical use of various gases for industrial and private purposes. With its products and activities, the company contributes to the reduction of global environmental pollution, the development of environmentally friendly technologies and a stable ecological balance.

The vision of the company Pulko ventili Ruše d.o.o. is in line with the mission of advancing to new markets where valve technology does not fully follow global environmental awareness. This is the field of automotive industry, medical technology, electricity and electronics, as well as special areas of common mechanical engineering and others.


The strategic guidelines of the company are:


Ensure and maintain the ability to quickly adapt the company and its products to the ever-changing needs of markets.

Maintain and improve the company's competitive position by certifying products in accordance with EU directives and other guidelines that ensure the expectations of our customers.

Continue the concept of perpetual improvements in production technologies, improvements to existing products, development of new products, all through regular monitoring and assessment of internal growth.

Monitoring and improving the quality of economic operations and the quality of production in accordance with the policy of continuous improvement.


A look into the past

The history of the company dates back to 1932, when a joint venture between Tovarna dušika Ruše and the Swedish company AGA created a company for the production of gas and process equipment. In 1996, the company was privatized and since 2007 it is 100% owned by today's owners.



Technology and quality

The technological company PVR manages the basic processes of the metal processing industry, which adapts innovatively to the needs of the product, the specific needs of the market and the ergonomic working environment for our employees.

Our quality motto is:

  • High quality standards, focus on zero ejection.
  • High reliability of processes and repetitions.
  • Flexibility in achieving the required quality.

Concern for quality and care for the environment is built into all our products. Our production is certified and supervised in accordance with the TPED Portable Pressure Equipment Directive 2010/35 / EC. We ensure 100% traceability of production from the entry of raw materials into the production process to the exit of the final product and the issuance of the necessary documentation. Each of our products is subject to 100% control and inspection. Our own invention is a device for 100% accurate testing of valves.Bureau Veritas is our notified body and as an independent body monitors whether PVR gas equipment meets the standards.



Business card

Basic formal company data


Mariborska cesta 48a
2352 Selnica ob Dravi, Slovenija

Director and owner: Aleš Pulko
Registration number: 2162814000

VAT identification number: 13017896
Share capital: EUR 200,000.00